Video Marketing Guide
for Real Estate

Build trust, integrity and honest relationships with your clients by showing that you are the expert

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video marketing guide for real estate

Create pro-videos

No need to memorize lines. Read the script with ease using the BIGVU teleprompter app.

Brand Your Videos

Add your business logo to your videos so that your client know who you are and what you represent

Add a Call to Action

Add a business card outro at the end of all of your videos so that your clients can reach you!

Engage with your audience

Create your professional video profile. Showcase your story, your life, your priorities, and your engagement in the community. To put simply, your value. That value comes from being genuine. Your goal is to create authentic, trustworthy and long-lasting connections with your clients. A key ingredient in making that happen is an excellent video profile.

Create videos for all stages of your sales cycle

Fire-up videos at all stages of the sales cycle

Engage, inform, build trust, persuade, build a personal brand and motivate your clients with videos specialised for each stage. Record with confidence using the teleprompter app, edit using Style Your Video, and share all straight from your smartphone.

Show your clients that you are the expert

Show what you know and share it with your clients. This is the building blocks to strong relationships with your clients. Videos are proven to inform and engage consumers far more than any other medium. They can highlight intricate details of the home to draw viewers in, and music or narration to build a deep emotional connection. By using BIGVU, you’ll have all the tools needed to combine videos and pictures to create a sleek and professional tour.

Video Maker for Real Estate Brokers
Make Video Testimonials for Real Estate Videography

Build trust

Film client testimonials with BIGVU from the comfort of your phone! Self-promotion is crucial, but unfortunately people tend to be skeptical about what businesses say about themselves. Testimonials provide that sense of proof your customers are looking for. They reinforce your trust and credibility. But because testimonials are focused on trust, they need to look, sound and feel genuine.

Be Persuasive

Call-to-actions are commonly ignored, rarely tested and one of the most under-appreciated elements of a real estate digital interaction. Essentially, a call to action sends the client where you want them to be. BIGVU enables to add your business card at the end of any video with one click, adding your call to action after every video to see maximum results.

Add intros and openers in all your videos
Videos are vital in my world. BIGVU allows me to shoot videos with confidence. I’m able to write a script, edit it and then film it. Those features give me comfort knowing that my videos going to come across as being natural and real.
Dana Wilson, Realtor, BIGVU User

Dana Wilson,

Your Brand

Personalized Videos

Teleprompter Aoo for Android, iPhone

With BIGVU, making your customer feel valued from the start is easy. All you need to do is write a quick script addressing new leads, then create and send a short video to make the prospect feel they’re special and wanted.

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BIGVU allows me to type a script, transfer to my cellphone and record by reading a script. It’s as simple as that. I truly recommend this product to anyone that wants to bring their product to the digital market.
Laura Zollinhofer, actress, model, BIGVU user

John Enxing
Broker Owner Reag LLC

Keep connected through videos

Neighborhood tours can be a great asset for your website, Facebook, and YouTube channels. Send them to your relocation clients who are unfamiliar with the neighbourhood too. Establish yourself as the go-to company for real estate knowledge, create a weekly or monthly report on your local real estate market.

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Make your videos look pro

A TV studio that fits into the palm of your hand.

Teleprompter App for iOS and AndroidStyle Video with Logo, Titling and MusicShare to social networks
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