Create training videos in a snap

T Prompter

Develop confidence

Feel in control. Make training videos with ease.

Deliver your speech with confidence and show you’re someone people can trust.  No need to memorise lines or consult notes.

With the BIGVU teleprompter app you’ll avoid hiccups and record your story with clarity.

Captivate your audience

Show you’re someone worth listening to.

Stand out as a e-learning professional with quality visuals using BIGVU Storyboard Composer.

Use the drag and drop storyboard to strengthen your coaching message with images, titling, logo, intros and outros.

T Green

Be a pro with just a smartphone

No need for expensive camera equipment and editing tools. Save upwards of $10,000. Create a professional videos for coaching, training or on-boarding in minutes with just your smart phone.

Use a green screen to change backgrounds in a flash. Get the professional recording studio look.

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Learn how to use best our teleprompter app and online video-maker.
-  Add captions using BIGVU video-maker
- Stylize your captions with customizable colors, fonts, and motion.
- BIGVU teleprompter mobile app .
- How to to make a video fully optimized for social media in under 5 minutes.