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with a teleprompter

Script, record, edit and share your training videos in minutes! All you need to create your videos is your smartphone!

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Be Confident use a Teleprompter

Deliver with confidence and show you’re someone people can trust. Avoid hiccups and record your script with clarity using the BIGVU Teleprompter.

Captivate with the Online Video Maker

Stand out as a e-learning professional. Use the drag and drop storyboard to strengthen your coaching message with images, titling, logo, intros and outros.

Pro Videos using a Smartphone

Record from the comfort of your home using only your phone! No need for expensive camera equipment and editing tools.

Everyone is a video maker with BIGVU

No need to be a video editing genious. Shoot and edit in a snap using BIGVU. Drag & drop visuals into a storyboard to create amazing video tutorials.

Create videos for training
Intructional videos created with your iPhone

Connect with your viewers

Feel in control! No need to memorise lines or consult notes. The BIGVU teleprompter makes connecting with your audience easy. Eye-contact is essential for a deep and personal connection, simply read the text scrolling on the screen, look at the camera, be confident and clear.

Stand out as a e-learning professional

Captivate your audience with professional videos that stand out. Show that you’re someone worth listening to. Add visuals with the BIGVU Composer. Drag and drop visuals including videos and images into the storyboard, to show what you are talking about. Make your videos more interesting for the viewers to watch!

Video Maker app
App to replace green screen

Film from anywhere

t’s one click to change your green background! Save upwards of $10,000 by using BIGVU. Film with a green screen to change backgrounds in a flash. Get the professional recording studio look with just your smartphone. Any green background can be replaced by any image or video that will play in a loop.

Be Persuasive

Call-to-actions are commonly ignored, rarely tested and one of the most under-appreciated elements of a real estate digital interaction. Essentially, a call to action sends the client where you want them to be. BIGVU enables to add your business card at the end of any video with one click, adding your call to action after every video to see maximum results.

Free Teleprompter App
User using BIGVU Teleprompter App

Reach your audience fast

Script, record, edit and share you videos quickly. Traditional video editing is very time-consuming for non-video-savvy users. It takes hours to create a video. With BIGVU you edit in 3 minutes and get professional result. No monkeying around with timelines, selecting IN and OUT points, syncing images with audio tracks, positioning the titling, setting motion effects and audio levels.

Make your videos look pro

A TV studio that fits into the palm of your hand.

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