In today’s world where millions of videos create such clutter that it can be difficult to break through and reach an audience. Only authentic videos can really succeed. Content creators need to tell an authentic story in a straightforward and engaging manner. The result may captivate the audience in a way that no other video can reach.

In order to deliver an authentic story to the camera, a teleprompter app is an essential asset. Over the years, news anchors have delivered compelling stories using the assistance of a studio teleprompter. Today, there is mobile reporter teleprompter technology available to anyone who wants to deliver their story with the same professionalism of a news anchor for a fraction of the price.

How to Anchor like a pro ? a Teleprompter App.

The teleprompter Android or iPhone app works in the same manner as a studio teleprompter. The person delivering the story can keep their eyes on the camera and read the script naturally as it scrolls up the screen. The speed of the scrolling can be adjusted to the cadence delivered by the person telling the story.

The app allows you to record several different takes and choose the one you like to the best to upload to the cloud. You can cue the clip with a single click and the video will start when you speak. This allows for reporters to select the best take quickly and upload it so that it can be used in a website, Facebook page or YouTube.


Create a High Quality Videos

The BIGVU Teleprompter Reporter is the first teleprompter app to provide the services of a full television studio that you can use on the road. This app includes the following;

  • Mobile Reporter Teleprompter
  • Add Visuals to Video
  • Newsroom Platform for a complete collaborative workflow

The final feature allows you break stories that appear on social media. In addition, the program automatically adds an overlay that includes the headline of your story as well as the logo of your personalized channel. You can record with a green background in order to substitute the original background just like in a real TV studio. This means that all you need is a recording location with the appropriate background and you can put in what you want.

Anyone can be a presenter

Today, anyone can create their own YouTube channel and file the types of videos they want to capture people’s attention. The BIGVU Teleprompter Reporter app offers the ability for freelance journalists, bloggers, content creators, and those who publish on social video the ability to tell their story professionally using a simple, yet powerful teleprompter app.

The growth of the mobile journalist has led to a number of advances in video technology. The result is that anyone with a small budget can successfully mimic the resources of a large TV studio for a fraction of the price. It is why the next generation is turning to the BIGVU Teleprompter Reporter to stay ahead of the competition.

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