Video has become the dominant force in social media, and marketers are looking for solutions for videomaking that save them time and money and simplify the production process. The best solution today is to use an app that allows you to record video on your phone in a manner that allows you to make a very professional looking video.

Why Video is the Dominant Force in Social Media

The statistics on this are clear. Forbes estimates that eighty percent of web traffic will be video related by 2019. Also, one-third of time spent online is dedicated to watching videos. Brightcove did a study and found that adding video to social media posts boosted engagement by 1200%.

These are just a few statistics that prove that video is huge. Whether your goal is to sell a product, convince people of a cause, or simply to reach a large number of people and influence them or communicate to them in any way, for any reason – using a video is like grabbing 30 blocks of prime real estate for your message. Using the same analogy, a single tweet without video is like writing your message on a paper napkin. Nobody notices.

How to produce more video

There are basically two major obstacles companies and individuals face when producing video. The first is the filming process, and the second is the editing process.

To produce video quickly, you want to minimize the time that is spent memorizing scripts and rehearsing. A teleprompter is an obvious solution – but it is more difficult than it sounds on the surface. To truly work effectively, a teleprompter must be paired with a camera and placed far enough away from the speaker that the audience cannot tell that they are not looking directly at the camera.

I, personally, have tried to use both tablets and laptops for the solution, with poor results.

The solution? The BIGVU Teleprompter App and Online Video Maker

The first solution is the BIGVU Teleprompter app. This will display a teleprompter, and simultaneously record your video. The script will scroll, as you read, and the video is recorded. It uses the selfie camera of your phone or tablet to record – which has, in the past few years, become a professional-level video camera on all major brand-name smartphones.

How to create videos without a timeline video editor

After the video is recorded, you are going to need to edit it. Even an experienced video editor will tell you that a simple video will take at least an hour, if not 10 hours or more, to edit – if you include the process of importing the footage, organizing it properly on a hard drive, actually editing the video by combining images or other videos with the main clip, adding titles, adding music, and exporting in a proper format.

This can come as a surprise to many business owners and marketers who do not have experience with video. Ideally, they would like to see the editing process take as little as five minutes, with perhaps an hour or two being reserved for complex projects .

Fortunately – using the BIGVU Composer, videos can be edited at these kinds of speeds. Captions are added in one click, stylized in a couple minutes, stock images and videos (or videos that are uploaded by the user) are added with a drag and drop interface, tweets can be embedded within the video using the simple search sidebar and a drag and drop. And the video is published to your social channels directly from your desk (our online interface where you access the video editor and edit your videos).

The bottom-line

If you want your message to be heard, and to be heard in a big way, then video is the tool you need to use to grab attention online.

The BIGVU Teleprompter and BIGVU Composer combine to help you make and publish a video in a matter of minutes, so you can start getting attention for your brand or your ideas online.

Check out the BIGVU Teleprompter app on our main site – BIGVU.TV