Scale your video production with BIGVU social video maker

Everyone is a social video maker, no video skills required. 

Drag & drop visuals into a storyboard – such as a tweet with a testimonial – or a photo or video shot. BIGVU creates a stunning crisp video slideshow in record time.

Post to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Instagram in one click.

Team CollaborationMaximize your reach. Empower your team to capture videos of client testimonials, at events or speaking engagements. Harness your staff’s social accounts and expand your follower base.

EXPLAINER VIDEOS – Short informative videos.

TESTIMONIALS – Curate tweets into video sequences

CELEBRATIONS – Share success in an emotional video.

INDUSTRY REPORTS – Target specific subjects resonating with your audience.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Post first on social media.

VIDEO TEASERS – Link your website to attract visitors.

No video skills required

the fastest way of creating videos

Create a simple slideshow using the ready-made visuals in the media
library, or upload your own.
Add images or videos and layer your captions on top. Or include tweets that will be automatically transformed into stunning video sequences.

Display titles for viewing when sound is mute.  Type a few words per scene with slash commands, BIGVU automatically overlays titles with multiple colors and character style as seen on popular Facebook videos

Mobilize, pick the best suited video format, vertical, horizontal or square to maximize your reach on mobile, on Facebook or the Twitter news-feed. BIGVU simplifies and accelerates video production by rendering videos simultaneously in multiple aspect ratios according to pre-defined templates.

Post to to all your social media channels in one click adding a description and the appropriate  keywords to boost performance.

We produce video reports in a snap. Our first 11 clips received more than 1.3 million views on Facebook alone.

José María Martín

Social Media Manager.20 Minutos
We constantly create social videos for our customers. BIGVU turns any tweet into a stunning video sequence with just one click.

Thierry Dumont

CEO, Kangai Content Agency
The BIGVU app allowed me to operate with a portable studio anywhere, from the rainforests of Tasmania to the beaches of Queensland or the plains of Victoria.

David Inches

Business Consultant, Inspired by Marketing

Your Visual Identity

Focus on the story, styling is automatic through templates defined by the manager of your channel to ensure your brand’s visual identity.

Your font types, colors & backgrounds. Your logo.

Automatic placement of an intro or outro video.

Share your media brand’s assets with your colleagues & collaborators. They will be ready to use in one click.


Maximize your reach. Empower your team to capture videos,  client testimonials, at events or speaking engagements. Harness your staff’s social accounts and expand your follower base.

With BIGVU, upload all your materials into a shared workspace and create videos with your colleagues & collaborators. Review & publish in one click.


Team Collaboration

BIGVU streamlines the production and delivery of video clips by maximizing resources while ensuring editorial quality control, managing collaboration and approval cycles with remote users, occasional contributors and your staff.

Web & Mobile Apps

You can use BIGVU in two ways.  A Teleprompter App let's you write your script, and hit record and read while your script scrolls up the screen. When you’re happy with your recording, send it to the web app for editing.

Or head straight to the web app. Using the drag and drop storyboard to create a simple slideshow by mixing images, video shots, captions or tweets that are automatically transformed into stunning video sequences.

Centralized Media Library

A centralized multimedia content catalogue - BIGVU brand asset management systems facilitates the content re-use such as product imagery, logos, marketing collateral or fonts.