6 steps to create Facebook-type text videos in minutes

85 percent of mobile video is watched without sound,  make text videos to optimize your content.

1 - Create your storyboard.

Drag and drop images , video shots, tweets into scene cards in a storyboard time-line over a music bed, narration or video presenter.

2 - Add motion titling.

Easily add colors to highlight your keywords. It’s one-click to chose where to position your text. Customize your colors & fonts

3 - Optimize : go square videos.

Pick the best video format from vertical, horizontal or square to maximize your reach. Square videos work best on mobile, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter newsfeeds.

4 - Insert tweet testimonials.

Any tweet with a photo will be automatically be transformed into a stunning video sequence.

5. Add transitions & text effects

Add transition between visuals and motion text effects as found on popular videos in Facebook. be.

6. Post to social media.

One click to publish to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

James Back, Customer Success Manager

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