BIGVU Teleprompter App

No need to memorize lines or glance down to consult written notes. Users read the script with ease using an in-app teleprompter that scrolls text on their smartphone screen where the presenter can adjust the reading speed. 

From the comfort of their own home desks, users can record presentations as if they were in professional television studio.

BIGVU Web Desk

BIGVU is integrated with BIGVU desk, an end-to-end online video composition platform. Multiple users can simultaneously access the same stories through a shared, cloud-based virtual desk. Scripts are assigned to a specific presenter and automatically uploaded to their app. 

The anchor can capture several takes for the same story presentation in the BIGVU app and select the best version to be uploaded to the cloud.

Create a professional
video in minutes

Write your script within the phone app or the web app, hit record and read while your script scrolls up the screen.
When you’re happy with your recording, apply themes to your recording, change a green background, titling, a lower third and more to give your story your corporate touch.

Teleprompter in action

A professional TV Studio in your pocket

Before hitting the camera button, decide if you want your video displayed landscape or portrait. This is how your teleprompter will scroll.

Speed up or slow down the scroll rate of the teleprompter. Using the slider, simply run a quick test to check your desired speed and set the slider position before you record. The speed will remain at the same pace while you read.

Set the font size to ‘close up’ if you’re close to the camera, or ‘medium’ if you’re further away. If you’re recording in landscape, always position yourself off center to the left. This will put you right in front of your camera lens so you’re looking directly at your audience.