Drive Traffic with Shoppable Videos & Promos.

Coaching videos - Spice up your face-to-camera videos with interactive cards containing polls, links and more.

Shoppable videos - Invite influencers to contribute their videos to your collection with quotes, testimonials and links to your product pages.  

Promote podcasts, blogs, webinars, and more with a collection of teasers that link to your content and action buttons leading to your social media profiles.
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Create your interactive
widget in 3 easy steps.

Create Interactive Page
Get your video uploaded from your mobile app and create an interactive video page from the BIGVU web desk. This feature is currently only available for any BIGVU premium members.
With one click, assign interactive cards to each video with images, links, quotes, action buttons, tweets, or polls.
Post everywhere
Share your interactive video as a responsive page to share or email, add it to your web blog optimized for SEO with a custom URL, or embed it as a popup widget on your website or blog.

Polls, Quotes, Photos with Links, Tweets

Keep your audience excited while watching your video content with interactive cards that are displayed with your videos using photos, links, action buttons, quotes, tweets, or polls.

Use the polls card to ask questions during your video, so you can keep your audience interested while getting information that will help you improve your content.

Prompt viewers to take different actions with call-to-action buttons: get ’em to buy a product, follow you on social media, or email you.
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Beautiful Interactive
Video Widget in your site

Create a dialog with your viewers. Boost viewing time and conversions by engaging viewers with interactive cards that appear alongside your videos

SEO optimized vlog, better than a regular blog - Interactive video pages are optimized for search engine indexing using recommended markup making it easier for Google to discover and index your content.

BIGVU interactive videos are a new form of viewing experience,  highly engaging  that makes it easy for customers to buy your brand instantly.
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