Amateur videos turn viewers away. In the viewer’s mind, low quality videos equals a low quality business. Viewers interpret low quality as lacking trustworthiness and skill. Also, it creates an image of bad client service, poor interface and slow delivery.

The average attention span of consumers plummeted to eight seconds – down from 12 seconds in 2000. Therefore, you need to grab the attention of your audience in the first 8 seconds of your video. That is possible by making your message sleek, authentic (eye-to-eye contact) and emotionally engaging. Together with your logo and a professional lower 3rd titling you can create a quality video that captures your viewer’s attention in the first few seconds of video.

Optimize for Mobile, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Square video is the way to go for Facebook or Instagram. Drive more engagement significantly as square videos take up 78% more space in the Facebook Feed. This means your video will have more “Real Estate” in your viewer’s screen, which will capture their attention. With BIGVU it is only one click to change your video to square or to landscape to post it in YouTube. Change vertical videos to landscape for YouTube

Increase impact by maximizing your audio levels

If you recorded from a distance without an external microphone, there is a strong chance your voice has been captured at a very low volume. Smartphone microphones are designed for capturing voice at a close distance. With BIGVU you can increase your audio volume to the highest level without distortion with just one tap.

Drive emotion with Music Backgrounds

Add a music background to set a positive tone behind your narration and increase engagement. BIGVU offers more than a dozen copyright free music beds.

Style your video like a pro

Add your own logo and select a template for a Lower 3rd Titling. Viewers will identify you as your brand spokesperson and see your story headline as soon as the clip starts. Expose your viewer to everything he needs to get captivated. Most noteworthy, your video will broadcast your voice and style.


Add a Call-to-Action Automatically – Convert viewers into customers

Give that final touch with an automated personalized business splash page at the end of your videos. Or add an elegant video sequencer with you business card as a call to action at the end of every clip. Either way, you want you contact details to appear at the end of your video when posting to WhatsApp, Facebook or Messenger, because you want to make videos that sell.