What do you need to record an awesome broadcast quality video?

To guarantee the broadcast quality of your video, use a tripod when recording. Avoid using your hands to hold the phone. Shaky, unsteady images look unprofessional, and high quality video production is an important ingredient in creating videos that drive engagement.

Select a small “lavalier” microphone – like the ones TV presenters use – that you can easily hide in your shirt or hair. You’ll look impeccable in front of the camera.

An extension cable for the microphone will help you move around and be spontaneous. You’ll look more natural and convincing if you’re free to express yourself without having to worry about the distance between you and the camera.

We recommend sunlight as an illumination source when recording. However, if you can’t create your videos during the day, try to use a light that doesn’t make you look pale. The light should cover you entirely, not only parts of your body or face.

Tripod kit


Extension cable for microphone