Creating Coaching Videos with BIGVU TVالخيارات-الثنائية-البرمجيات-ملكة Originally published at Creative Planet Network on January 25th, 2017

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see Inspired by Marketing, a strategic marketing agency in Cairns, Australia, launched a marketing coaching business for small business. David Inches, founder and director, shot videos in which he discussed his 11 tips for search engine optimization. To stand out and keep people’s attention, Inches decided to film the videos at different locations across Australia during his extensive business and family travels.

click here “The BIGVU app allowed me to operate with a portable studio anywhere I dreamed of, from the rainforests of Tasmania to the beaches of Queensland or the plains of Victoria. It also allowed me to get the take straight off the bat. I often have ideas as I move, so the ability to stop, write a script and film on the spot is invaluable. Adding the branding and text graphics allows me to create professional-grade productions with minimal post-production editing.

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click here “My next step will be launching an online marketing planning portal for small business, supported by countless coaching videos for every stage of planning. BIGVU TV will again make this significant task so much easier.”

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