In Real Estate, like many other current industries, video marketing is a must. The reason is simple: eye-to-eye contact is the best way to sell. Furthermore, nowadays everyone are marketing themselves, and that means you need to stand out. Therefore, You should strive for a professional, quality video that sends an authentic message and puts you in the center. This is true for sellers as much as it is for buyers. Luckily, that is easily and quickly accomplished using BIGVU. Our goal is to help you Sound natural, keep eye-to-eye contact, and most importantly get it right in just one take.

Take a look at these videos made by a successful Real Estate agents using BIGVU:


As a Real Estate agent, you are constantly interacting with clients and driving engagement. As a result, video marketing can take many of your connections to the next level.

Here are several suggestions for videos you can make:

  • A personalized, imaginative video profile that sets you apart
  • Property tours re-imagined as beautiful videos or slideshows to impress your current and future seller clients
  • Building trust and strengthening connections with personalized filmed lead responses
  • Reinforcing trust with Testimonials
  • Enhancing Credibility as a source of Real Estate knowledge in your surroundings using news updates
  • Capture your potential clients with Calls-to-Action
  • Be proactive – share your videos and actively drive engagement. Don’t wait for exposure to happen on it’s own!

These are just a few ideas you can implement easily with BIGVU. Just think on your video’s purpose and what you want to say. Leave the rest to us.

Most importantly, stay tuned! We will soon publish a full guide for Real Estate agents video marketing. We will thoroughly explain how to utilize all the tips given here, how to maximize engagement and much, much more!

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