In today’s fast-paced world, short videos are the best way to reach new prospects and keep building trust as they move along on their buying decision journey. The hardest part is breaking through the noise. The Internet is crowded with millions of videos. How can you make yours stand out? The answer: top-notch, professional quality; and authenticity. Make a great impression on current and future customers with these video ideas that you can easily produce in-house.

Mission Statement. There’s no better way to present your company than getting in front of the camera yourself and telling your prospects what your business is all about. Build authenticity with one-of-a-kind photos and videos shot with your smartphone. This fosters a sense of relationship and shows your potential buyers what you and your company are all about.

Client testimonials. Endorsements from past or current clients are a great way to help build trust with new and prospective clients. Make the testimonials stand out by transforming them into elegant video sequences to share with your prospects.

Explainer Videos. Pick a topic that resonates with your leads and create a short informative video slideshow with tips on how to make their business better

New Product Announcements. Use short “teaser” videos to announce new products and services. Post these videos on social networks, and use them to encourage customers to visit website for more information.

Sales Pitches. Get in front of the camera and record a short sales pitch. In 60 seconds or less, explain the key features of your business with a quick, visually-appealing video that even the busiest people will be able to watch.

Industry news.Make a short newscast by collecting screenshots of your business’s latest tweets and transforming them into an attractive, broadcast-quality video sequence.

Inspirational Quotes. Build a relationship with customers by relating to them on an emotional level. Inspire your social media followers with a video sequence of inspiring tweets with quotes from well-known personalities. Personalize these to your brand’s style, picking quotes that your buyers are likely to enjoy and relate to.

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