Since the BIGVU Teleprompter App and Online Videomaker was released, it has changed marketing for real estate agents.

1. Video Marketing Is Huge

I’ve spoken about this in other videos – but I’ll mention a couple key statistics here again. Forbes estimates that two-thirds of all web usage is video related. Brightcove found that adding video to social media posts boosts engagement by twelve hundred percent. Over half of marketers, according to Hubspot, found that video was the number one marketing technique in terms of ROI. Since our app reduces the expense of video – it certainly can be true that video has the best ROI of all marketing techniques.

2. You need to sell yourself

The truth is, there are few tangible differentiators when it comes to competing for a client with other agents. So you need to sell yourself – your attitude, your service, your professionalism, your expertise, and your level of care. The BigVu app is built to enable this. The Bigvu app is a teleprompter app, afterall, that records your video as it scrolls your script on your mobile device screen for you to read. But, that’s not the only way that it enables you to sell yourself. The entire workflow is built around optimizing how you show up in the video. With captions, your logo, and background music added to your video in a few clicks, and some additional footage dragged and dropped into your video with a simple interface, you can create a video that makes you look professional and competent in just a few minutes.

3. It is very easy to add footage or images of a property

All you have to do is upload to your online desk, which is included with your registration for the app, and using the composer – you drag and drop your footage or images in. You can upload from your device, or from your computer.

4. You can publish a video after just 30 minutes of work – start to finish

A professional video to sell either your services, or a property, can be made in 30 minutes or less, start to finish.

5. price and convenience

The price part is easy – you will pay roughly two dollars and fifty cents per video if you release a video each week. But actually, price is not even my main selling point here. Really, it is the convenience. When you hire a production crew for your video, you need to stop everything else you are doing for at least half of your day, wait for the crew to dismantle your office, set up the lights, and wire you up with a mic. With the BigVu app – you don’t need any of this. And, you will be free to rehearse your video multiple times without the pressure of a crew watching your performance, and a deadline approaching. At the end of the day – the comfort the app can gain for you will show up in the video, and help you sell yourself and your properties.
And those are the top 5 reasons you should use the BigVu app if you are a real estate agent. If you enjoyed this video – download our app by visiting, and join us for a webinar to learn how to use all the advanced features, by visiting