1. Social Videos Should Feel Authentic

click Shooting videos with a smartphone help you come across as more authentic. Every brand should seek to create a mix of high production value, flashy, product-focused videos; along with more personal, authentic videos. These videos can be shot on camera phones or a DSLR and do not require a ton of lights or sophisticated production techniques.


dating history of kendall jenner You may think you always want high production value in all your videos. In actuality, high production videos can create a barrier for the customer. Customers do want beauty, luxury, and refinement – but they also want accessibility and approachability. By only producing videos that feel impersonal and exclusive, you may be alienating potential customers and discouraging them from shopping with you.

2. Your Customers Want To Feel Engaged, Not Marketed To

get link Why do you want some videos to look simple and authentic? For the same reason that you want your brand interacting directly with fans on Facebook and Twitter. There is tremendous value in sharing with customers in a very genuine way. Customers want an authentic connection – it makes them feel closer to a brand. It humanizes the brand.

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3. People Connect With People, Not Just Brands

köpa Sildenafil Citrate phuket By focusing exclusively on high-production value videos, a brand neglects to market the human element. The brand appears cold and unhelpful. Brands should put their employees and managers, both high and low level, into their marketing. They should show off the fact that they are made up of real people, with real lives, real personalities, real ideas, and real stories to tell. By doing so, they will connect more deeply with their potential customers.

But – Don’t take it too far.

http://joetom.org/masljana/2209 You don’t want to go overboard with this. You do want to have a professional image. But you also want a human image with a genuine, non-fabricated personality. Think about this in the context of a political campaign. A political candidate needs to be respected as a thought leader, a visionary, a planner, and a doer; and also as a deeply caring person who is accessible, approachable, and relatable. A brand should market themselves with similar goals in mind. They must look like they are capable of providing the best product or service to customers, and they also need to look like they care, that they will take the time to solve customers problems, and that they are accessible and approachable.

How We Can Help

mujeres q quieran conocer hombres The BIGVU app was designed to help brands create an authentic and personal feel to their videos. It does this by putting real people front and center – and it has a sophisticated but easy to use set of features that assist organizations, both large and small, in achieving this. Learn more by checking out our homepage – bigvu.tv.