source The old methods to close sales are becoming less and less effective.

online dating norge gratis Consumers are no longer tolerant of cold callers or the sleazy salesmen we’ve come to know and reject. Consumer buying habits have changed. The way we browse for products and services has been revolutionized.

here This shift calls for a transformation in the way businesses engage customers. We’ve stumbled upon a new era, and it’s a powerful mix of video marketing and social selling.

According to Video Brewery, 90% of online shoppers at a major retailer’s website said they found video helpful in making buying decisions.

What’s more, ‘retailers who provide online video to show off their products report that the products with video sell a lot more than products with no video.’

Video marketing combined with a social selling strategy helps businesses leverage their social networks to find the right prospects, build solid relationships and ultimately close more sales.

And the best thing, videos can be extremely quick and easy to create. What is essentially DIY video marketing with the BIGVU teleprompter app, the platform lets you take control of video creation in house. This means you can consistently create videos at every stage of the sales cycle.

source url How video and social selling can improve your sales cycle

go site Engage – Videos maximize your ability to engage with your audience. A video can draw consumers into your world and hold their interest much easier than many other formats.

Tadalafil Oral Strips Australia Educate – By using videos you can start to become an authority and be a helpful business who cares about their followers. Educate your viewers with tutorials and new product releases. Build trust – Let viewers see what others think about your business with interviews and client testimonials. This is excellent marketing material for mid-level buyers who just need a push to choose you over your competition.

see Persuade – When prospects have never heard of you or don’t even realize they have a problem, video marketing is powerful for forwarding sales pitches and one-to-one social selling.

rencontre femme france je contacte Build a personal brand – Video marketing comes to the forefront when building your personal brand. It gives people a window into who you really are and interacts on a more personal level. This can be leveraged through authentic, first person pitches, free advice videos or new product releases direct to your subscribers.

buy Lyrica canada pharmacy Motivate – Your team members are the cogs that drive your sales. Without them the sales cycle will crumble. Using video for internal communications can help your team members align and get to know each other. You can also use video messaging to encourage and inspire creativity.

Video is one of the best ways to connect and sell to your target audience, and creating professional videos just got easier. Schedule today  the BIGVU video creation platform.