source link The Spanish publisher 20 MINUTOS snagged an astonishing 1.3 million views with the first 11 clips it produced using BIGVU.

The power of Breaking News Videos The Madrid publisher 20 MINUTOS has published 11 clips in the past few weeks and received more than 1.3 million views on Facebook alone. This incredible increase in fan engagement is the result of journalists having the ability to create compelling video stories for Facebook in just a few minutes.

watch “Media offer breaking news on social media, and we needed a platform to produce video reports in a snap,” says José María Martín, Social Media Manager at 20 Minutos, who shared his thoughts on the importance of having tools that gather sources from social networks to produce video reports.

single frau ludwigshafen What’s the future of social media? In recent years, this question has asked by many bloggers, community managers, digital marketing specialists and other experts. But even though there’s no single answer, video always seems to come first.

Any journalist in the newsroom can be a social video producer Martín, the Social Media Manager at 20 Minutos, recently started using the BIGVU video newsroom software platform. BIGVU was created for today’s video creators, who are typically passionate and creative people interested in offering high-quality videos to an audience that demands constant information and has several social media accounts requiring different video aspect ratios (vertical, horizontal or square) and different narratives. BIGVU’s video creator platform enables any journalist to be a social video-maker by quickly typing in a few short text bites into scene cards. The storyteller only needs to add a visual to each scene card. The visuals can be a photo, a video shot, or a tweet with a testimonial that’s automatically transformed into a video sequence. All videos are optimized for social and mobile — along with the kind of text overlays seen today on the most popular videos on Facebook — and exported at multiple aspect ratios including vertical, square and 16:9. According to Martín, this platform is useful for identifying the hot topics of the day, especially on Twitter. “We didn’t have anything similar to capture a social-media conversation on a breaking or specific topic,” he says. “With BIGVU, we can easily create a video package and share it in a few clicks.”

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Use Social Media to source your stories

Martin says it’s important to track of what’s happening on social media. “Today’s events occur quickly, and companies and media need to be among the first to offer breaking news through their online accounts. That’s why we need special platforms to help us get the information out there as fast as we can. With BIGVU, I can use material from Twitter or my own photo video slides.”