Adding captions to videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can dramatically increase audience engagement, and dramatically improve SEO (search engine optimization). What are captions? Captions are the word-for-word text-rendition of all the spoken words of a video. They appear on either within the video or overlayed in front of the video, and appear in real time as the video plays, matching the spoken words.  There are two types of captions. There are “closed captions,”
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1. Social Videos Should Feel Authentic Shooting videos with a smartphone help you come across as more authentic. Every brand should seek to create a mix of high production value, flashy, product-focused videos; along with more personal, authentic videos. These videos can be shot on camera phones or a DSLR and do not require a ton of lights or sophisticated production techniques. You may think you always want high production value in all your videos. In actuality,
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The salesperson will become the face of the brand again
There was a time when the salesman was the first and final brand representative.  Mass media killed that by allowing a brand to have a controlled, consistent message communicated to all potential buyers. With the advent of the internet, the buyer became empowered, and salesman began to be cut out of the equation as the arbiter of brand-name and information. In the modern social-media driven world of marketing, the opportunity for the salesman to once again
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The BIGVU Teleprompter App For Real Estate Video The demand for real estate video is on the rise. Customers have become obsessed with searching, browsing, and shopping online before they buy, and the difference between being noticed online and being overlooked oftentimes comes down to on thing: content. Good content.The most memorable celebrities today all appear on video – either in movies, TV shows, or when being interviewed. Chances are, you can't think of many
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Your Programmers Should Be Making Marketing Videos with the BI… These days, everybody is a content creator. The value to a business of having more people creating content than simply a few dedicated marketers is huge. The value of turning technical people into content creators is huge. Why? Because of how content is found and consumed.Think about it. You used to get massive exposure by being published in a single nationwide magazine or trade journal,
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