In Real Estate, like many other current industries, video marketing is a must. The reason is simple: eye-to-eye contact is the best way to sell. Furthermore, nowadays everyone are marketing themselves, and that means you need to stand out. Therefore, You should strive for a professional, quality video that sends an authentic message and puts you in the center. This is true for sellers as much as it is for buyers. Luckily, that is easily
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So, how do we know what we should focus on when it comes to building our marketing materials? The first thing to do is to identify where you are most lacking. This should be done by considering how many people are, on an ongoing basis, entering each stage of the buyer process. The three stages of the buyer process, as covered in our last blog post, are the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision
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Regardless of your background with video, if you are a coach or consultant you have probably heard of a marketing funnel. If you haven’t – you still use one. Here is a great explanation of a marketing funnel: The marketing funnel is used to describe the buyer process. The most basic way to describe it would be to say that not everybody who hears about you will consider doing business with you, and not everybody
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Are you hoping your ideas can generate leads and traffic for your site and for your business? Video marketing has become what the internet was 10 years ago. It’s become the marketing solution everybody knows they need, and everybody has heard of somebody who uses it and makes millions of dollars and becomes an overnight success, but few people understand exactly how to use video to get noticed and sell products and services. In this
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Since the BIGVU Teleprompter App and Online Videomaker was released, it has changed marketing for real estate agents. 1. Video Marketing Is Huge I’ve spoken about this in other videos – but I’ll mention a couple key statistics here again. Forbes estimates that two-thirds of all web usage is video related. Brightcove found that adding video to social media posts boosts engagement by twelve hundred percent. Over half of marketers, according to Hubspot, found that video
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