Using videos to drive engagement is now core to publishers, brands and marketers — but how can you scale up video production and still make videos informative and captivating enough to grab consumers’ attention?
If the video complements a written article, the last thing you want is to trick your audience by offering the same information in your video that you present in your article.
Here are some ideas for original videos you can produce in minutes to drive engagement.

Breaking News

Dove mettere i soldi in opzioni binarie, Luxury apartment with 4 rooms, located on the 10th floor in one of the most modern residential complexes on the market today, available now for rent. Be among the first to publish a video on any topic. Source your story using the latest trending tweets, and add your own voice using title overlays or your own narration. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to publish a video like this on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
France24 is a non-stop international news and current affairs television channel based in Paris. Its social media team gathers testimonials and commentaries on Twitter to produce optimized videos for their social channels, which drive high engagement for breaking news stories.


go Sport fans, more than any other viewers, express themselves by celebrating the success of their teams and athletes. Sport is a great way to drive viewers using a unique celebration video.
Trace Urban is a French music video television network devoted to urban contemporary music videos, founded by the French-Caribbean businessman and media activist Olivier Laouchez.

80k views on Facebook
80k views on Facebook
Testimonials SportYou is Spain’s leading independent sport portal. It complements major stories with videos with testimonials and commentaries from protagonists and opinion leaders.

hombres solteros con gatos

Fun Facts Entertain your audiences with Fun Facts. NextPlz is a website (groupe Le Figaro)that targets teenagers and millennials in France. NextPlz publishes daily video compilations of the best tweets from the most popular TV shows.

News Reviews

site de rencontre 66 gratuit YouTube channel Ça Zap publishes daily videos about the latest news in France.

Industry reviews for niche target audiences

Social networks are the best place to target specific audiences (e.g., by posting a video on Twitter with the latest news about the aviation industry).

Explanation Videos

In a few minutes, you can create a quick explanation sequence using photos and title overlays along with content. Check out this recipe video, which was created in a few clicks by a nutritionist.